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Building Code Strategy, Variances

Building code strategy can be overwhelming. Our experts are Registered Architects, versed in the current ICC Codes and local amendments, as well as Certified Building Officials (CBO's). This extensive experience is available for your project.

Building Envelope Analysis

Whether you are a design professional or a contractor, having a party that has been trained in building envelope system analysis pays for itself in the long run. We review projects from drawings and specifications, mock-ups through the construction process. 

Architectural Specifications

Specifications are imperative to help ensure your project is built correctly. Is your project on a fast paced timeline with barely any time for you to complete the design, meetings with your team, coordinate details and develop a full set of Contract Documents? We can take part of the burden, coordinate your specifications with your drawings and those of your team. We are flexible and keep you fully in the loop of the work so you can be proud to include them in your documents.

ADA Review

We help review projects for the nuances that sometimes get lost during the design process. Our team has helped save projects time and money during the document phase with errors that would have cost extensive rework money...think all the countertops and casework would have had to be rebuilt in a major remodel. Existing buildings, new construction or remodels fall under our purview as Certified Accessibility Inspectors and Plans Examiners.